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Coffee aroma and its 800 molecules

There are five criteria to taste and evaluate coffee : strength, acidity, aroma, sweetness and bitterness. Which process give these different tastes to coffee? Of course, there is coffee-roasting but basically it’s closely related to genes. Roasting The coffee-roasting, a heating process up to 200°C, transforms odourless molecules, or chemical precursors present in coffee beans, into […]


Sulfides in wine produce headaches : myth or reality?

Sulphides or sulphur dioxide are naturally present in wine at concentrations up to 10 milligrams per liter. Many winemakers add more sulphides to preserve and stabilize the wine. However,  people add more than others… up to 400 milligrams per liter according to the wine type. So is that alcohol causing headaches in many people? In […]

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