Beef and tofu lasagna

Gluten-free beef and tofu lasagna

This gluten-free lasagna recipe is perfect for those who want to reduce their meat consumption, as part of the meat is replaced […]

Gluten-free recipes
gateau des anges sans-gluten

Gluten-free angel food cake

A light dessert that’s also gluten-free, this angel food cake recipe is sure to please! Use egg yolks to make crème brûlée. […]

Gluten-free recipes
pâté au saumon et patates sans gluten

Gluten-free salmon and potato pie

This salmon and potato pie is easy to make! A classic choice for people with gluten intolerance. Ingredients Directions Enjoy your meal!

Gluten-free recipes

Homemade cranberry jelly recipe

Try this easy-to-make cranberry jelly recipe with just a few ingredients. Cranberry jelly goes well with turkey. It’s also delicious on croissants […]


Homemade Salsa

Too many tomatoes in your garden! No problem! This easy-to-make recipe is sure to please. This homemade salsa goes well with tacos […]

Gluten-free recipes
gâteau bûche de noel

Gluten free chocolate Yule Log

This Christmas Day, the consumers with coeliac disease will not fall through the cracks. They will be able to indulge with this […]

Gluten-free recipes