Eggs and their cholesterol


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It’s a complete food. Don’t avoid eggs because of their cholesterol. They’re considered to be the most nutritious food with their proteins, good unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals.

What’s the nutrition value of a big egg (53 g)?

It contains 6 g of protein. It provides complete proteins because it contains 9 amino acids called essential. Why? Our body can’t make 9 of 23 amino acids. They’re only supplied by the food. It is necessary to build proteins that our body needs.
One egg contains 5 g of fatty matters principally composed by good polyunsaturated fat (0.8 g) and monounsaturated (2 g). It also contains 1.5 g of saturated fat but no trans fats. Don’t forget that fatty matters provide essential fatty acids.
Of course, egg yolk contains 195 mg of cholesterol. But, it’s alimentary cholesterol and it doesn’t have any influence on your blood cholesterol level. For a healthy people, there is no problem to eat one or more eggs per day.
Eggs also have vitamins A, B12,D and E, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothénic acid, zinc, iron, iodine, etc.

What are the white and yolk of the egg made of ?

The egg white contains 90% of water; the rest is proteins and minerals. Yolks contain 50% of water, 33% lipids (fat) including cholesterol and 17% proteins. It is also the principal source of vitamins and minerals in the egg.  The color of the yolk depend on food given to the hens. Furthermore, a hen that feeds on flaxseeds, fish oils or algeas will give eggs with yolk high in omega-3 fatty acids.
The color of the shell  is a question of genes. The kind of hen determines if the shell will be brown or white. In both cases, the nutrition value is similar. Only the size of the egg (and the yolk) will affect the content in fats, cholesterol and proteins.

How many eggs are eaten in the world?

CountryQuantity of eggs ate per person in 2001

Japan won the first place and Canada, the last! For Canadians, it is rising because they ate 180 eggs in 1997. Advertisements are most likely responsible for the rehabilitation of eggs in the routine.

Don’t deprive yourself!

Eat eggs and take advantage of the beneficial effects! Eliminate the most  saturated and trans fat sources possible; your cholesterol level will be better. Omega-3 eggs are also un good choice. Note that 2 eggs contain as much  proteins as 100 g in meat or fish.


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